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Windows, Building, Displays and more!

Our Goal is to collaborate with you to build an appealing, practical and problem -free environment that graphically supports your brand in captivating ways. From considering venue requirements and obstacles to the needs and goals of event, we will get your message to the forefront of the audience’s mind.

Bulding Wraps.
Let’s face it, there’s nothing more impressive than wrapping an entire building with branded artwork—it’s bold, it’s daring, and you can do it almost anywhere with Graphix Gearwerks! Building wraps and mega-messages like these aren’t just for Times Square anymore. We invite you to think big and challenge us with your ideas. Don’t worry, our full-service production capabilities mean there is literally no limit to how large you can go. 40 feet high? Not a problem. 400 feet high? Let’s do it!

And printing is just for starters. We can manage the entire process, from city codes and street-blocking permits, to installation cranes and helicopters. You find the structure, we’ll find the solution. Trust Graphix Gearwerks to design, manufacture, ship and install building wraps that will grab attention, capture business, and never let it go.

Window Graphics
Windows are valuable real estate. Whether you want to promote a product, cover up construction, or create a branding experience, window graphics and retail signage are a powerful way to communicate. They allow you to leverage blank space to generate revenue and bolster the value of your commercial property. And by depicting vivid cultural images and lifestyle scenes, they reinforce the benefits of using your space.

With our extensive fabrication capabilities, we can literally build your brand from the ground up. More than a sign, these three-dimensional objects totally embody your company’s market persona, and create a lasting presence wherever they’re installed. Usually made of metal and requiring a concrete foundation, they are actual building signage structures that we can design, fabricate and install nationwide.

Fleet Graphics
Creating and installing fleet graphics isn’t a job for amateurs. It demands a well-organized crew of determined, problem-solving experts. People who know how to handle any issue that may arise, from snowstorms to unanticipated wax jobs. At bluemedia, we deliver clean and consistent color, size and finish—that’s the advantage of using only one vendor for all your fleet graphics needs.

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